*​*​*​SUBMISSION​*​*​* Quelle Chris - It's About That Time (feat. Senseless)

by Quelle Chris

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    It is about that time...



This is a song by Quelle Chris. He was kind enough to release the song with room for a second verse to share with others and the gesture is definitely appreciated.

Not only is this a chance to rap, but a chance to rap with what feels to be a reach that I do not usually have. Pick up Quelle's latest release Lullabie For The Broken Brain at your earliest convenience and add a third verse to this if you are so inclined...

A Bunch Of Nonsense out this fall, grab Living On Land while you're here.

Thanks again.



It is the monologue embellished...
Caught up in the mist and fog,
Midst of the dusk.
Plus, the shitter's clogged!
Talk about plungin'.
Entered the arena,
Then seemed to be in a dungeon.
It's like they mentored the youngian,
A few fender benders that are absorbed like a sponge,
Hey - you're just a sales pitch, and
It is like a cabbage patch that related to
Garbage Pail Kids.
Sticks to the nickel bags,
Wags his tail, to jail he's dragged, and
It is as a male's bitch.
The bail is bond and it is drawn to scale, and
It is on a grid that is some reminiscent of a whale ish...
As the tribe marauds, the village sleeps...
An idiot that is a pillar with his soliloquies,
A bow and arrow to achilles steeze, and
It's my pleasure to yield to any real emcees.
Say, just get on with the spiel.
In a row on a pond,
It's adventures through the conscious stream.
It's what he wants with a please, and
A meal that is comped,
While they dictate a democracy...


It's about that time...
To get into specifics,
It's about that time.
Say, yeah.
It's about that time,
To get out of the bed and risk,
It is about that time...
It's about that time,
To be tedious with detail,
About that time...
Yeah, it is about that time,
For the scorched to greet the sleet and hail,
About that time...


released July 19, 2016
Produced by Quelle Chris
Vocals by Quelle Chris & Senseless



all rights reserved


Senseless Columbus, Ohio

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